The Young Boys Reutlingen were founded in Betzingen in 2006. On April 8, 2006, the foundation stone of the association was officially laid under the motto “Gather friends, make new friends”. From the beginning it was clear that adults and children of different nationalities would be welcome.

With the Young Boys, neither skin color nor religion plays a role. We are convinced that, especially in this day and age, it is a great social obligation to unite people. We meet to develop ourselves sportily and to measure ourselves against other teams.

Our goal is always to win, but even if we don’t succeed, to be a good loser. We focus on having fun in football. The Young Boys should be a home for many people. Mutual respect, honesty and fair cooperation are our basic values. Envy, resentment and intrigues have no place with us.

For our many young people and children, we want to be a role model not only in the field of sport, but also in everyday life. We don’t just want to be there for each other in good times, but also when things don’t go the way we all imagine.

We are convinced that the sports club has played a very important role, especially in recent years. It is therefore important that many people help lead the Young Boys into a successful future.